How to Pair Skullcandy Crushes Wireless Headphones?

If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones, SkullCandy Crushes wireless headphones are a great option. 

However, if you’ve never used headphones before or aren’t familiar with how to pair them, the process can seem a little daunting. 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll explain how to pair SkullCandy Crushes headphones with your device and show you some of the great features they offer. 

Let’s get started!

How to Pair SkullCandy Crushes Wireless Headphones

Step1) Power On Your Headphones:

To do this, press the power button, located on the ‘right’ headphone. The indicator lights will blink several times, then turn solid blue to indicate that your headphones are on and ready to pair.

Step 2) Turn on Bluetooth:

If you’re not sure how to do this, check out your device’s manual for instructions. It should be pretty simple. Once Bluetooth is turned on, your device will begin scanning for available wireless signals. 

Your Crushes headphones will appear in the list of devices when they are ready to pair with your phone/tablet/computer.

Step 3) Pair Your Crushes Headphones:

This step varies depending on what kind of phone/device you have. If you’re using an iPhone, head over here for instructions on pairing with iOS operating systems. Android users can find detailed pairing instructions here. That’s it!

You’ve successfully paired your SkullCandy Crushes Wireless Headphones or earphones and are ready to start using them. 

Don’t forget to turn your headphones off in a public place or when talking with someone, otherwise you might be embarrassed when they start playing loud music unexpectedly.

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Some Other Tips To Pair SkullCandy Crushes Wireless Headphones:

1.  Make sure there’s a fresh battery in your headphones every time you want to use them.

2. Check that the device and headphones are not paired with any other Bluetooth devices, as this can prevent them from pairing with each other. If that happens, simply delete all other pairings and try again!

3. Keep the two units as close together as possible when pairing for optimum signal strength and sound quality.

4. Try not to pair over very thick walls or large obstructions such as metal surfaces or furniture, as these can interfere with both signals and prevent proper connection.

5. Turn off “Power Save Mode” on your phone/device if it is activated: Power Save Mode will reduce energy usage by reducing activity and turning off Bluetooth, which can cause issues with pairing.

6. If you’ve forgotten the passkey for your headphones, try “0000” first. This is the most common passkey used by Bluetooth devices and should work even if your device’s memory has been wiped or changed.

Problems With SkullCandy Crushes Wireless Headphones:

1. Pairing Your Headphones With The Correct Device:

It can be difficult to pair your headphones with the right device, especially if you have multiple devices using Bluetooth at the same time. 

If your headphones are not pairing correctly, try turning off all other Bluetooth-enabled devices for 5 minutes before trying again.

2. Audio Is Cutting Out:

If audio keeps pausing or stopping while you’re listening, there could be something wrong with either the connection between your phone/device and headphones or the connection between your headphones and charger. 

Make sure that your headphone’s charging port is free of debris and dust, which can interfere with connections.

3.  Headphones Are Taking A Long Time To Charge:

If it takes longer than 8 hours for your battery to charge fully, it means that the battery may have died. A new battery can be ordered here.

4. No Sound Is Coming Through The Headphones:

If you’re certain that your device is paired with your headphones, but no sound is coming through, it’s possible that they are muted or that the volume on your device is turned down too low. Check both of these settings to make sure!

5)   My Bluetooth Doesn’t See My Phone/Device:

If you know for sure that your device is using Bluetooth but doesn’t see your headphones when trying to pair, it could be because there’s another nearby device already in pairing mode – check what other devices are currently in use and turn them off before trying again. 

If this isn’t the case, your headphone’s battery may be drained and need to be recharged.

6) Headphones Are Using Too Much Battery:

If your headphones are taking longer than usual to charge or if battery life seems very short, it might be because your device is not sending enough power for optimal use. 

Try using a lower quality sound file or decreasing the volume on both devices, as this uses less power. It can also help to reduce the distance between the two devices when pairing them together.


So what are you waiting for? Your SkullCandy Crushes Wireless Headphones or earbuds are ready to be paired with your device. Simply follow the steps above and you’ll have them up and running in no time!

If you need any help or would like more information, comment below or contact us. We’re happy to help you get started using your new headphones!