Tips on how to track your lost or stolen beats headphones

Are your headphones missing? Did you accidentally drop them in the toilet? No matter how you lost them, tracking down beats headphones is now a breeze. By tracking your stolen Beats headphone, you can hopefully prevent them from being used by someone else and increase the chances of getting them back. There are a few different way to track the Beats headphone, and each has its own set of pros and cons. In this article, you will learn how to find you’re lost or stolen beats headphones

If you have stolen your Beats headphones, there are a few ways to locate your beats headphones. First, Beats has a customer service number that you can call in order to activate a tracking device. Second, if you have the original receipt or packing slip from when you bought the headphones, you can upload it to the Beats website in order to get a tracking number.

6 best tips on how to track your lost or stolen beats headphones

If you’ve ever misplaced your Beats/apple by Dre headphones, or if they’ve been stolen, there are a few things you can do to track your stolen headphones. Here are six of the best tips on how to do just that.

1. Locate your lost beats headphones through Social media:

If you ever lost beats headphones? Let’s take a look if can you track stolen beats headphones. there are a few ways to do it. You can try looking for them in your room, apartment or home check with friends and family, or post about your search on social media. If you post about your searching on social media, include specific details about the headset, like the color and brand. This way, if someone finds your lost headphones and returns them to you, you’ll have a record of where they were found.

2. Track stolen beats through Phone apps:

The most popular and best app on Google for tracking is the Find My App. Find my beats app has a blue dot that you can follow on a map. If the headphones are turned off or if they’re in silent mode, the find my app won’t be able to locate your earphones, but if they’re playing music, the blue dot will move around as the headphones are moved.

Another app that’s helpful if you’ve lost the headphones is Spotify App. It is probably the most popular app for find my beats on android and iphone for locating lost items because it lets you listen to music offline and keep trace of where you last had it. You can also share playlists with friends, and see when they were last played.

3. Tracking devices:

If you’ve ever misplaced headphones, tracking them down can be a frustrating task. Fortunately, there are a number of tracking devices available that can help you find your lost Bluetooth headphones. Some of the most popular include Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers. Here’s a proper guide for how each works:

Bluetooth trackers rely on Bluetooth technology to communicate with the headphones. Once paired, the locator will send an alert whenever the headphones are within range. This range varies depending on the tracer, but generally, it covers up to 50 feet.

GPS trackers use satellites to locate movement. Once paired with the headphones, the tracer will send periodic updates that pinpoint your location. This feature is helpful if you lose the headphones in an open space or if you don’t have a clear line of sight to them. GPS locator is best to find my headphone whenever I lost them

4. Serial number

If you have a lost apple/Beats headphone, there is a chance that you can find lost ear buds through the serial number. This process is done through the Beats website or by calling customer service. By entering the number and some other information about the headphones you’re able to find out where they were purchased and who owned them before you.

If you have lost your Beats headphone and cannot find them, track beats by serial number may help identify if they have been recovered or if they are simply missing.

5. Bluetooth scanner app

If you have lost the Apple/Beats headphones, there is a Bluetooth scanner app that can help you locate them down. You will need to turn on Bluetooth and Location on your Beats headphone, and then look for devices.

After finding the Beats headphones, select it from the list, and if it shows hot written along with your device it means you are closer to your beat headphones or cold written to take a sense of how far away it is. The closer the device is, the warmer the color will be.

6. Use Beats loud Audio output

If you’re like most people, you probably keep your Bluetooth headphones in a place where they’re always within easy reaching. But what if something happened and you lost one of your Beats headphone? Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to trace them down.

Simply turn on the loud volume on your Beats headphone and wait for the audio output to become loud enough so that it’s detectable through the ear cups. Once you’ve found the headphone, take a photo or record a video of the loud audio output so that you can easily identify it if you lose it again.

The benefits of using a tracker for Beats headphones

Do you enjoy listening to your favorite music but hate constantly having to untangle the Apple headphones? If so, you may want to consider investing in a tracking device for solo pro Beats Apple headphones.

A tracking device is a small device that attaches to the headphones and helps you keep track of the time, trace your music, and even control the playback. Here are some of the benefits of using a tracker with powerbeats headphone: 

1. You can easily keep footsteps of the time while listening to your music.

2. The tracer will help you stay focused on the music and avoid getting lost in it.

3. it’s easy to control playback by adjusting the volume or skipping tracks.

4. The tracker can also be used as an alarm clock, so you can wake up to your favorite music without having to fumble around for your phone.

Lost or Stolen Beats: What to do if your Beats are missing

If you’ve lost or your Beats have been stolen, there are a few things you can do to get them back. First and foremost, be proactive and keep an eye out for them. If you think they might be at home or in the office but don’t see them, try looking through photo albums or cross-referencing your contacts to see if anyone has given them away.

If that doesn’t turn up anything, consider filing a police report and tracking down the thief/s. lastly, if you can’t find your wireless beats solo or they’re damaged beyond repair, you might want to consider buying new ones.

Tips for keeping your lost Bluetooth headphones safe

1. Keep your Apple/Beats headphone in a safe place. If they lost or get stolen, they could be dangerous if used by a thief.

2. Don’t leave them charging in an open area. Electrical shocks can happen when you do this.

3. Protect them from scratches and damages with a case or cover.

4. Give them a full battery charge before using them for the first time so there are no surprises when you start playing music.

5. Avoid throwing them into the water; this could damage the headphones and cause a loss of sound quality.

6. be careful when walking around with them in your pocket; they can easily be knocked off if bumped wrong and fall to the ground, resulting in injury or loss of the headphones altogether!


In conclusion, if your Beats headphone is lost, there are a few things that you can do in order to try and find them. First, you can try contacting Beats directly to see if they have any information on the whereabouts of the headphones. If that fails, you can try posting a message on social media or online forums specifically related to Beats headphone in hopes of finding someone who may have seen them or knows where they are. Regardless of the method you choose, be sure to take precautions to protect your information and keep route of your powerbeats pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Beats show up in Find My App?

Apple or beats headphones are one of the most commonly used pieces of audio equipment. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be wireless or wired, and can be attached to any type of android device. Pro beats solo by Dr. Dre are one of the most popular brands of headphones in the world. Does Beats headphone show up on Find My App for iphone? 
Yes, new Beats headphone does show up on Find My App. All Bluetooth-enabled android devices will have a Bluetooth Beacon which can be used to find the location of that device. The Bluetooth beacon will also contain data from the headphones including the beat frequency and volume levels.

How do I report a Beats wireless headphone loss or theft?

If you lose or forget your Beats headphone, there are a few ways to report the loss or theft. You can call Beats customer service at (855) BEATS-1, files a police report online, or email Beats customer service. If you choose to file a police report online, you will need to provide your Beats ID number and the make and model of the lost headphones.

What does Beats by Dr. Dre sound like?

Dr. Dre’s latest beats by Dr.Dre product has been met with mixed reviews. Some say the sound quality is good, while others claim the bass is overwhelming and the overall product sounds muddy. But regardless of my opinion, Beats solo pro by Dr.Dre are one of the most popular headphones on the market today You can also buy these beats from amazon.