What is DTS Headphone:X and How Does It Work?

DTS Headphone X is a new surround sound technology that allows your headphones to deliver a more immersive experience, including height channels.

This technology is designed to recreate the movie theater experience in your living room. This technology is available in select home theaters, soundbars and headphones.

The technology uses the human head as a frame of reference to create an accurate representation of the movie theater experience. It uses the distance between your ears and the top of your head to calculate audio reflections, providing pinpoint accuracy. In addition, it compensates for how you hear sounds coming from above and below you, offering a complete surround sound experience through headphones.

DTS Headphone X brings the same surround sound technologies used by Hollywood studios to produce films like “Star Wars,” “Iron Man,” “The Avengers” and many more blockbusters. Now, you can enjoy this same cinematic audio quality in your own home when watching movies or listening to music through DTS Headphone: X-enabled products.

What is DTS Headphone:X?

DTS Headphone:X is a new immersive audio technology from DTS that gives you a more realistic surround sound experience using only your headphones. It works by using an algorithm to replicate the placement of sounds in any given movie or TV show.

For example, if there is an explosion in your movie, it will sound like it’s coming from behind you, as if you were in a theater watching that scene unfold on screen. The same goes for dialogue or any other sounds that occur during your film.

Why do you need a DTS Headphone:X?

It’s a well-known fact that the audio in many movies is better than the sound of your TV. But what if you could hear all of the action, every subtle nuance and booming effect as if you were in the movie studio?

The Sony Headphone:X technology has been used by Hollywood to bring you 3D sound in your favorite movies. Now, you can enjoy your own private home theater experience with cinema-quality sound in your living room, at any time.

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With Headphone:X technology, a whole new world of entertainment will open up to you. The technology brings out all the beautiful sounds from your favorite movies and music that you never heard before – even with headphones! All it takes is a compatible wireless TV and audio system and a headset.

How does DTS Headphone:X work?

The way we hear the world is a combination of sounds reaching our ears directly, and those that bounce off walls, floors, and ceilings. Sound also reflects off objects in front of us — headphones reflect sound at the side of your head and around your ears because they are so close.

Headphone:X enhances your headphones by virtualizing sound as if you were listening through speakers in a room. You’ll hear the most natural-sounding music you’ve ever heard with headphones — no matter what genre.

If you have a TV, you can use Headphone:X to experience Dolby Atmos movies and shows with amazingly accurate sound that places you inside the action.

4 Surround Sound Modes

DTS Headphones:X is capable of delivering up to 11.1 channels of surround sound, including height channels. DTS Headphones:X uses the specific algorithms for each of the following modes in order to deliver a unique and immersive experience for the specific source material.

Headphones Mode – Standard headphones mode that provides a highly accurate 7.1 channel surround sound experience from any pair of headphones.

Personalized Mode – Personalized mode analyzes your hearing thresholds to create a custom profile that will optimize the audio performance based on your individual hearing ability.

7.1 Channel Mode – Provides an up-mixed 7.1 channel surround sound experience from any stereo or 5.1 channel source content, including movies, TV shows and games.

Speakers Mode – Provides a virtual speaker configuration when using headphones or speakers to emulate a 7.1 channel home theater system, including four front speakers, rear speakers and subwoofer channels optimized for headphone use.

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Imagine a world where you can hear music the way it’s meant to be heard. Imagine being able to hear every nuance of your favorite song as if you were sitting in the front row or on stage with the artist. DTS Headphone X technology makes this possible, and now you can experience it for yourself with your smartphone, tablet, and PC.

DTS Headphone X is an advanced sound technology that enhances your headphones’ audio capabilities beyond what they were originally designed to do by adding virtual speakers which create an expansive and immersive soundstage. The result is a high-quality stereo sound that rivals even the best surround systems.


DTS Headphones X is a new solution that provides improved audio depth and definition over standard 5.1 headphone solutions by using the same techniques as Hollywood filmmakers to deliver an elevated sound experience.

It’s well known that consumers are gravitating towards immersive entertainment experiences, both at home and on the go.

As a result, DTS Headphones X is the perfect solution for improving headphones users’ ability to enjoy high-quality audio from any device.